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Product Desccription:

Enter the world of superheroes with the Small Crazy Car Spider-Man Edition, an exhilarating toy car available exclusively at www.shoppingpandaa.com. This Spider-Man-themed toy offers endless entertainment for kids and adults alike, making playtime more adventurous.

Key Features:

Spider-Man Design: This toy car is inspired by the iconic Spider-Man, featuring his signature colours and emblem.

360-Degree Flips: The Small Crazy Car can perform amazing 360-degree flips, providing excitement during play.

Remote Control: Use the included remote control to navigate the car, making it fun and interactive.

Durable Build: The car is constructed with durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting fun.


Imaginative Play: Encourage creative and imaginative play as kids immerse themselves in the Spider-Man universe.

Exciting Stunts: The car’s ability to perform 360-degree flips adds a thrill factor to playtime.

Interactive Fun: The included remote control allows for interactive play, enhancing the overall experience.

Durability: The car’s sturdy construction ensures it can withstand hours of play.


The Small Crazy Car Spider-Man Edition is versatile and suitable for various applications:

Independent Play: Kids can enjoy playing with the car on their own, unleashing their imagination.

Interactive Fun: Parents and kids can bond over the car’s exciting stunts and remote control operation.

Gift Idea: This toy car makes an excellent gift for Spider-Man fans and toy enthusiasts.

Target Audience:

This Spider-Man-themed toy car is perfect for Pakistan residents who are fans of the beloved superhero and want to add an exciting element to their playtime, including:

  • Kids who adore Spider-Man and want to experience the thrill of Spider-Man-inspired play.
  • Parents are looking for a fun and interactive toy to engage their children’s imaginations.
  • Spider-Man enthusiasts of all ages want to collect a piece of their favourite superhero.

Pricing Information:

For a limited time, the Small Crazy Car Spider-Man Edition is available for just Rs. 150, down from the original price of Rs. 179. Don’t miss this exclusive online offer to add a touch of superhero fun to your playtime.


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