Series 8 Pro Max Smart Watch – Price in Pakistan 2023

  • Product Attribute Value – Sub-category:No
  • Product Type :Smart Watch
  • Material Name:ABS Plastic
  • Bluetooth Applicable (Yes/No):yes
  • Waterproof (Yes/No):Yes
  • Is Sim Card Applicable or not:No
  • Charging Time of Device:1 Hour
  • Battery Timing:4 Hours
  • Product Special Features (Optional):IP67 Dustproof and waterproof

3199 3999

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Product Description:

The Series 8 Pro Max Smart Watch is designed to keep you connected and informed throughout the day. With its advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily receive and respond to calls, messages, and notifications without taking out your phone. You can also track your daily activities, including your steps, heart rate, and sleep quality, and get personalized insights and recommendations to help you stay healthy and active.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Productivity:

The Series 8 Pro Max Smart Watch has various advanced features to help you stay productive and efficient. You can use its built-in voice assistant to set reminders, make appointments, and check the weather, among other things. You can also access your favorite apps and control your smart home devices with just a few taps on your wrist. And with its long battery life, you can use the watch for up to 5 days without recharging.

Stylish Design and Durability:

The Series 8 Pro Max Smart Watch is functional, stylish, and durable. High-resolution display that makes it easy to read and navigate. It also has a water-resistant and scratch-resistant casing that can withstand daily wear and tear, making it perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle.

Compatibility and Ease of Use:

The Series 8 Pro Max Smart Watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be easily paired with your phone using the Series 8 app. The app allows you to customize your watch face, set your preferences, and manage your notifications, making it easy to use and tailor to your needs.


The Series 8 Pro Max Smart Watch is the perfect companion for staying connected, informed, and productive while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. With its advanced features, stylish design, and compatibility with Android and iOS devices, it’s the ultimate smartwatch for anyone who wants to take their daily routine to the next level.

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