Perfumed Talcum Medora Powder – 100g | Price in Pakistan 2023

  • Trusted Brand For Years.
  • Silky-Smooth Texture.
  • Absorbs Excess Moisture.
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Fresh And Dry.
  • Light And Pleasant Fragrance.
  • Ideal For Daily Use.
  • Easy To Use
  • 100% Original


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Product Description:

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Experience the comfort of silky-smooth skin with the Medora Perfumed Talcum Powder. This luxurious talcum Medora powder offers a delightful fragrance that is Perfect for newborn babies and those seeking a fragrant and gentle powder during summer.

Key Features:

Comfortable Skin: Indulge in the comfort of Medora Perfumed Talcum Powder. Its finely milled formula helps to absorb excess moisture, keeping your skin dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Fragrance: Enjoy the captivating fragrance of Medora Perfumed Talcum Powder. It leaves a subtle and alluring scent on your skin, creating a pleasant and refreshing experience.

Soft and Gentle: Pamper your skin with the delicate touch of this talcum powder. It feels incredibly soft and gentle,

For Newborn Babies: Provide gentle care for your little ones with the Medora Perfumed Talcum Powder. Its gentle formula is specially designed for newborns, helping to keep their delicate skin dry and comfortable.

Fragrance and Freshness in Summer: Experience the soothing sensation of this talcum powder during the summer months. It helps absorb excess moisture and leaves a pleasant fragrance on your skin, keeping you feeling fresh and revitalized.

Fast Delivery and Great Discounts: At Shopping Pandaa, we understand the importance of fast delivery and exceptional value. Please take advantage of our special discount of 26%, reducing the price to an incredible 220. Our fast delivery ensures you receive your Medora Perfumed Talcum Powder promptly, allowing you to enjoy its benefits without delay.

Target Audience: The Medora Perfumed Talcum Powder caters to a diverse range of individuals. It is perfect for newborn babies, providing gentle care and keeping their skin comfortable. It is also excellent for fragrant and soft talcum powder, especially in summer.

Enhance your daily routine with the luxurious Medora Perfumed Talcum Powder. Order yours today from Shopping Pandaa!

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  • Brand: Medora Powder
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